Marketing Workflow Management: The Best Options Available And What To Consider While Choosing One

Marketing Workflow Management: The Best Options Available And What To Consider While Choosing One

The consolidation of Digital Marketing as one of the most efficient models to reach and attract consumers has completely changed marketers’ routine. 

Exposed to new tools and opportunities, professionals in the field are now dealing with an increasingly demanding audience and much faster processes. 

That’s how marketing works; those who don’t keep up are left behind. Therefore, one of the secrets behind any company’s success on the Internet is how it organizes the workflow of the department.

It is the CMO’s job to make this happen productively, managing teams capable of delivering results in an agile and consistent way. 

In this scenario, one activity becomes more important: Marketing Workflow Management. 

Using the best practices, methods, and tools, it is possible to optimize your teams’ performance and improve the performance of your strategies. 

Interested? In this text, we will discuss:

What is Marketing Workflow Management?

Marketing Workflow Management is an activity that aims at optimizing the development of campaigns and projects of marketing teams.

 It works as a detailed plan concerning the steps that must be followed and the actions that must be taken towards reaching a goal. 

Managing a workflow involves mapping and coordinating all the processes conducted by the department, establishing clear guidelines to be followed by all involved. 

The way managers do this varies. A simple checklist detailing how the teams should act may be enough. Still, it is important to use visual resources, such as charts and diagrams, to facilitate the understanding of the professionals involved.

By doing this, you also improve the way you monitor your strategy, since the workflow documents the whole process.

In the image below, from Content Marketing Institute, you can see an example of a marketing workflow that uses visual resources to clarify the steps that should be followed to publish content. 

content marketing institute workflow

Why is it important?

Did you take a look at the image above? Do you agree that it is a simple, effective way to convey the message you want to your employees and colleagues, without the risk of any noise disrupting the production flow?

Yes, this is one of the reasons that make Marketing Workflow Management such an important activity. 

By using the appropriate tools, you ensure that all your teams are on the same page. All team members must know their responsibilities and roles in order to perform their functions in the most productive way possible.

When everyone is aware of the editorial calendar, it is easier to avoid the waste of time and money. 

Through specialized software, you can also integrate your teams in an extremely collaborative environment. Professionals can interact and exchange information to optimize the execution of projects and campaigns.

Workflows represent consistency. With stronger internal communication, you will boost compliance with deadlines and eliminate unnecessary distractions in the work routine. 

Therefore, in general, investing in Marketing Workflow Management is a way to enhance your quality delivery and achieve increasingly positive results. 

What to consider when defining your Marketing Workflow?

Since all companies are influenced by different factors — both internal and external — that make them unique, it is clear that there is no perfect Marketing Workflow model. However, we will pass on some tips to make the best decisions for your specific situation. 

Before anything, you should identify all the tasks and actions that are part of your marketing department routine.

If you produce content for a blog, for example, write this down and take note of those responsible for each of the production stages. At the end, you should have in hand a document detailing all aspects of your teams’ dynamics. 

With this in hand, it’s time to calculate how long each task takes to be completed. This calculation must be based on data, not just estimates.

Once you know the exact time for each task, you can realistically organize them to meet your goals within your deadlines. 

Last but not least, you need to choose the tools you will use to manage Marketing Workflows. To make this decision, look closely at the features and supports they offer and compare them to your reality and your goals.

In the next topic, we will talk about some of the main options. 

What are the best Marketing Workflow Management tools available?


Monday is a very broad tool that allows the creation and management of workflows from editable templates. If you want, of course, you can start your project from scratch. 

The software includes features that allow you toautomate your workflows, avoiding risks of human error and letting you focus your time on more important activities.

For example, without the need of code, you can define who becomes responsible for a task when its status changes.

You can test the tool for free, but you must contract one of its premium plans to use all of its resources.  


Trello is a tool that allows you to work with more collaboration and productivity. You can use frames, lists, cards, diagrams, graphics, and much more, organizing it according to: urgency, format, or any other way you prefer.

The tool allows you to work with teams of all sizes, centralized in a single platform. This way, each member can easily visualize the tasks they should perform, when they should perform them, and how to do so.

Trello offers a free plan, but with very limited resources. If you want to have access to more than 10 cards per team and more than 100mb per file attachment, you will need to contract a premium plan. 


As the name implies, Visually is a Marketing Workflow Management platform that devotes great attention to the use of visual resources. But it goes beyond that: videos, infographics, and presentations are just some of the content you can produce in the Visually Workplace. 

The tool allows for the interaction and collaboration of your creative team, providing the perfect environment for relevant feedback and quick revisions.

Also, you can get support at any time throughout the process and, if necessary, connect with one of the more than 1000 designers, writers, developers, creative directors, and animators that Visually provides.

The price varies according to your project, so it is necessary to request a quote. The good news is that Visually works with flat-pricing, so you don’t need to worry about any surprises.

The way you look at Marketing Workflow Management may be determinant to the success of your strategies. Choosing a platform that meets your business needs is fundamental to keep your teams working in a quick, productive, and collaborative way.

Want to improve your results? Don’t waste any more time and start managing your creative workflows with Visually!

Get a quote for a great piece of content right now!

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